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Jewel perfume, by Alfred Sung,” she whispered
I always have a tiny dab of Paradise Perfume by Alfred Sung on me
I wrapped a small vial of Paradise Cologne by Alfred Sung for him

I always have a tiny dab of Paradise Perfume by Alfred Sung on me

a tiny dab of Paradise Perfume When I first met your mother, I was in a travel agency, looking to book myself a much deserved holiday. I went through a most tiresome week at work before I decided that it was time I took a break away from all the work-related stress I have been suffering from. I caught sight of a small, modest travel agency in town, and instinctively I walked across the road and entered Travel Tales. It was at this travel agency that I first saw the most enchanting woman I have ever met in my life.

She was seated at her desk, a demure female who wore her flaming red hair loose and cascading down to her derriere. She did not see me enter, and it was to her desk that I made a bee line for. I sat on the chair opposite the goddess with the fiery tresses and suddenly, I had a whiff of her scent. The breeze carried her heavenly perfume and as it entered my nasal passage, I had a vision of a beautiful garden with an abundance of fruit trees, with lush green grass and crystal clear streams as far as the eye can see.

”Excuse me, may I assist you?” She smiled at me. Her voice is almost as bewitching as her scent, and sounds like what a wind chime would on a blustery autumn day. Flabbergasted, I muttered something about booking a holiday package. She took out several brochures and beckoned me to look at the brochures. My mind however was not on the vividly printed pieces of paper. I was filled with thoughts on how to be as near as I could to this heavenly creature. Distracted, I requested to bring back the brochures and return tomorrow after making up my mind. She was clearly perplexed at my sudden exit but obliged when she handed me a small stack of travel brochures.

”I’ll see you tomorrow, I promise.”

With a shy smile, she said: “You do that.”

That night, I laid in bed thinking about the lovely woman I met at the travel agency. I could also smell her scent permeating the air! And I KNOW that I had to see her again.

The next morning, I hurried out of bed and grabbed a bite to eat before heading to the travel agency, hoping to catch a glimpse of the woman with the most delectable scent. Instead, I again found myself seated across her desk, clutching a slightly crumpled brochure in my hand.

”Why, hello again! Would you like to see more of our holiday packages?” She asked with a smile.

”Would you… like to have dinner tonight?” I spluttered. I did not expect her to respond with a smile as well as a resounding yes. Happily, we made plans to meet at a Thai restaurant nearby.

That night, Laura (she told me what her name was just before I exited her travel agency) appeared in a timely fashion, resplendent in a white dress and her usual heavenly scent. We talked about our ideal holiday destinations as if we have known each other for ages! And before we knew it, the night came to an end, but not before I requested to know the name of the perfume she was wearing.

”I always have a tiny dab of Paradise Perfume by Alfred Sung on me,” she replied shyly.

I postponed my holiday break but ended up booking a holiday package for two a year later for our honeymoon. And that was how I met your mother.

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